10th NCHE Exhibition

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) is organizing the 10th Uganda Higher Education Exhibition from 15th to 17th March 2018 at UMA Lugogo Show Grounds, Kampala Uganda with a theme Higher education for the future: Strengthening Innovations for Sustainable Development.

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About the National Council for Higher Education

At a time when higher education is being transformed from the monopoly of the elite to the right of the masses and when global forces are transforming the way higher education is being delivered, the role of a regulatory agency becomes very crucial. To regulate higher education, and to guide the establishment of institutions of higher learning as well as ensure that quality and relevant education is delivered, the National Council for Higher Education was established by an Act of Parliament.

Corporate Governance of NCHE

The national Council is a semi-autonomous and self-accounting body with a secretariat headed by the Executive Director. The day to day operations of the secretariat are vested in the Executive Director who reports to the National Council. In the execution of the policies of the NCHE, the Heads of Departments, who constitute theĀ  Management Team, assist the Executive Director


The provision of relevant, broad based technology driven, dynamic, sustainable and quality higher education accessible to all qualified Ugandans.



To set standards and regulations to ensure that all public and private tertiary education institutions in Uganda create, sustain and provide relevant and quality higher education for all qualified Ugandans and to meet the local, national and global higher education challenges of the future.