11th NCHE Exhibition

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) is organizing the 11th Uganda Annual Higher Education Exhibition from 21st to 23rd March 2019 at UMA Lugogo Show Grounds, Kampala Uganda with the theme : Mainstream Information and Communication Technology. The Exploitation of Social Media for Higher Education delivery and Management.

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Functions of the National Council under the, Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001

a)  To implement the objects of this Act;

b)   To promote and develop the processing and dissemination of information on Higher Education for the benefit of the people.

c)    To advise the Minister on the establishment and accreditation of public and private institutions of Higher Education.

d)  To receive, consider and process applications for the establishment and accreditation of public and private institutions of Higher Education and the accreditation of the academic and professional programmes of those institutions in consultation with Professional Associations and Regulatory Bodies

e) To register all institutions of Higher Education established under this Act.

f)  To receive and investigate complaints relating to institutions of Higher Education and take appropriate action.

g)  To monitor, evaluate and regulate institutions of Higher Learning;

h)  In co-operation with the relevant government departments, private sector, or the different institutions of Higher Education, to evaluate the overall national manpower requirement and recommend solutions to the requirements.

i)  To ensure minimum standards for courses of study and equating of degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded by the different public and private institutions of Higher Education.

j) To set and co-ordinate national standards for admission of students to the different institutions of Higher Education.

(ja) to require and ensure that all universities, whether private or public , adhere to minimum criteria set by the National  Council for admission to under-graduate and higher degree programmes.

k) To determine the equivalence of all types of academic and professional qualifications of degrees, diplomas and certificates obtained elsewhere with those awarded by Uganda institutions of Higher Education for recognition in Uganda.

l) To certify that an institution of Higher Education has adequate and accessible physical structures and staff for the courses to be offered by it.

m)  To promote national interests in courses of study and professional qualifications among the different types of institutions of Higher Education.

n)  To ensure the institutions of Higher Education provide that adequate facilities and opportunities for career guidance and counselling.

k)  To collect, examine and publish information relating to the different institutions of Higher Education.

l) To generally advise the government on policy and other matters relating to institutions of Higher Education.

m)    To perform any other function incidental to the objects of this Act or relating to Higher Education in Uganda or that may be conferred upon it by the Minister or any other law.