Institutional Accreditations

Accreditation is the process that entails recognition and confirmation in writing, by certificate, licence, charter or document issued by the National Council for Higher Education that following its application for establishment, recognition or upgrade, a higher education institution has met and continues to meet the standards set by the National Council for delivery of higher education in accordance with the provisions of universities and other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001.

For any institution to be accredited, the National Council must be satisfied, after a series of inspections and visitations, that the institution concerned has adequate physical and financial resources, viable programmes, adequate qualified staff and structures of governance to deliver quality higher education.

Institutional accreditation or permitting institutions to exist and deliver higher education, is a key tool of quality assurance. It is a process through which institutions are assessed at various stages before they are licensed.

It covers all aspects of institutions; including land, staffing, educational facilities, governance, financial resources and physical facilities.

In processing the applications for accreditation, the NCHE follows the provisions of the University and other Tertiary Institutions Act, 200I, which empowers the NCHE to make regulations to ensure the provision of quality higher education. Accordingly, the NCHE has issued a number of Statutory Instruments.

Below are the available statutory instruments

Statutory Instruments No.85 (2005) Institutional Standards

Statutory Instruments No.62 (2007) Equating of Degrees, Dipolmas and Certificates

Statutory Instruments No.80 C Application for Provisional Licence to Establish and Operate a Private University

Statutory Instruments No.61 (2007) Letters of Interim Authority for Private Universities and Provisional Licence for Private Other degree Awarding Institutions

Statutory Instruments No.80 B Checklist of Quality and Universities Capacity Indicators for Assessment of Universities and Programmes

Statutory Instruments No.35(2008) The Universities and Other Tertiary Insitutions (Basic Requirements and Minimum Standards for Procurement Education and Training)

Statutory Instruments No.80 A(2008) Establishing and Operations of Private Universities and Private Tertiary Insitutions

Statutory Instruments No.34(2008) the Universities and Other Tertiary Insitutions (Quality Assurance) Regulations

Statutory Instruments No.63 (2007) Minimum Entry Requirements for Admissions to Universities or Other Tertiary Insitutions

Statutory Instruments No. 1 (2007) Naming of Universities, Other degree Awarding Institutions