Minimum Standards for courses

This is done in compliance with the section of the Act quoted above but also fully aware of the objects of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001, Section 3

“The objects of this Act are to establish and develop a system governing institutions of higher education in order to equate qualifications of the same or similar courses offered by different institutions of higher education while at the same time respecting the autonomy and academic freedom”

Council holds institutional autonomy and academic freedom for universities as sacrosanct. The standards prescribe the body of knowledge below which universities must not teach. The standards leave the universities with the freedom to design their courses based on the minimum standards. The universities are free to add to these minimum course contents to meet their vision, mission and individual uniqueness. When this has been done, universities can then bring their courses and programmes to Council for accreditation. Again the law requires that all courses must be accredited by Council. Council is grateful to lecturers and professors who have helped in the process of establishing the minimum standards for courses of study.

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