State of Higher Education

Since 2006 when NCHE first published “The State of Higher Education and Training” the Ugandan higher education sub-sector has continued to expand in terms of students enrolments and the number of institutions. These increases, however, have occurred in the face of declining or stagnant unit cost fundings for education facilities, infrastructure and academic staff.

The state and other stakeholders must address the problem of funding higher education before standards are severely compromised. On a happy note, there have been improvements in female access to higher education, computer access and use, as well as enrolment in science and technology.

However, these latter enrolments are largely in computer-related areas rather than in basic, mathematical or other technical sciences. The unfortunate decline in the production of middle level technicians from technical institutions has continued. The closing of technical institutes to create universities has continued.

Students, parents and policy makers tend to prefer university over technical education. As a result of many factors, including the perception that the quality of Uganda’s higher education is declining due to a number of reasons, particularly funding, the percentage of foreign students coming to Uganda is still declining since 2006. This is a worrying indicator that must be addressed.

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