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National Council for Higher Education
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Library Information 


Welcome to the NCHE information Resource Centre. The NCHE Information Resource Centre is a specialized reference and resource facility. The purpose of the center is to provide accurate, up-to-date information on various aspects of higher education such as quality assurance, university education, increased access, expansion of higher education and financing higher education. The NCHE has established an information resource facility with a total holding of more than 2000 volumes of information material in various formats.

The types of resources available include printed books and journals, e-books, e-journals on higher education, newspapers, directories and databases on recognized institutions worldwide, university proposals for establishment, accreditation reports of chartered universities, approved programmes including print journals and e-resources on higher education. The sitting capacity of is 15.

About Our Collection

The NCHE Resource Centre provides a platform for supporting the development and improvement of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) through access to information and technology resources, innovation and training. The collection reflects our core priority areas of Higher Education Management, Higher Education Regulation & General Areas of National Interest.

Please visit the website or Resource centre for the complete coverage of our collection and for more information on how to access the resources.


To be the center of excellence in information for higher education resources for quality education that is accessible and sustainable.


To select, collect, organize and provide optimal access to information on quality assurance and university education.

Services Available to Members

The Resource Centre offers a wide range of services. These services aim at collecting, managing and disseminating Higher Education Information; providing professional leadership in Library and Information services delivery and promoting a reading culture among staff in Higher Education Institutions.

Services include:
  • Reference Service
  • Individual book loans
  • Access to Online Academic Books and e-journals
  • Photocopying and scanning from resource Centre print collection
  • Research assistance via phone, online chat and Ask-a-Librarian email service
Who can use this service?

The Resource centre primarily targets the following categories:

  • Researchers, HEI Managers, policy and decision makers
  • Students enrolled for Postgraduate and Masters programmes in Uganda
  • Corporate and professional bodies may register for corporate membership
  • Individual researchers focusing in Higher Education Sector
  • Staff employed at the Ministry of Education and Sports, researching remotely, may use Resource Centre Services
  • Staff employed at National Council for Higher Education
  • Staff from Higher Education Institutions in Uganda

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  • P.O.Box 76 Kyambogo – Kampala
  • Tel: +256393272141/4
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  • Fax: 256 312 262 145
  • Email: info@unche.or.ug
  • Website: www.unche.or.ug

Opening Hours

  • Office
  • Monday to Friday: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Resource Centre

  • Monday to Friday:9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Closed on Public Holidays

The National Council reserves the right to change entirely at its discretion any or all the stock, electronic, virtual, paper etc. at any time during the term of membership

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